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Details What's included? 5GB of data 4G data speeds Hotspot/tethering enabled Unlimited calls &...
$55.00 $45.00

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Details What's included? Unlimited data 4G data speeds Data speeds slow down after 32GB...

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Details What's included? 6GB of data (updated from 4GB) 4G data speed Hotspot/tethering enabled...

Looking for a great value American SIM card with plenty of data?

Don’t want the hassle of finding a SIM provider on your travels?

SimsDirect has everything you’re looking for!

When you’re travelling to America from Australia, you want to take every opportunity to share the experience with your family and friends back home. But this isn’t always easy when you’re faced with high roaming charges or you can’t find a local SIM card provider.

SimsDirect takes care of these problems with our great North America travel SIM deals, which you can purchase right here in Australia before you go! We offer a variety of different options to suit different travel needs, so wherever you’re going in America, you won’t have to worry about being able to stay in touch.

Our North America SIM card caters to all your travel needs in the USA. With 5GB of data, you’ll be able to share all the highlights of your trip on social media. You can also stay in contact with your friends back home and the new ones you make on your journey with unlimited calls and texts to both the USA and Australia!

If you’re taking in other venues on your trip, we’ve got American SIM cards to suit you, too. Our USA and Canada SIM can be used for 30 days so you can upload all the action! Or if you want to broaden your horizons even further, we offer a SIM that can be used throughout the USA, Canada and Mexico. With 4GB of data, your friends back home won’t have to miss out on a single moment.

Our plug-and-play SIMs fit all phones and are easy to activate with no ID required. Contact us today and get set up for your travels!