Indonesia Travel SIM Card | 10GB | Data-Only | 30 Days

Indonesia Travel SIM Card

  • 10GB Data
  • 30 Days
  • Data Only
Indonesia Travel SIM Card | 6GB | Data-Only | 12 Days

Indonesia Travel SIM Card

  • 6GB Data
  • 12 Days
  • Data Only
South East Asia SIM Card | 6GB | Data-Only | 12 Days

South East Asia SIM Card

  • 6GB Data
  • 30 Days
  • 12 Countries Covered
South East Asia SIM Card | 10GB | Data-Only | 30 Days

South East Asia SIM Card

  • 10GB Data
  • 30 Days
  • 12 Countries Covered

Bali SIM Card

Going to Bali for Your Next Trip?

What an excellent choice! Bali is an unparalleled land that offers scenic features with luscious beaches and historical temples. The glorious mountain regions filled with turbulent waterfalls, flower gardens, and secret canyons serve as a luscious treat for all visitors. 

Bali offers the best culture with welcoming people, tons of activities, great weather, nightlife, excellent cuisine, and the best accommodation, making it the best travel destination on your list. 

Filled with breathtaking natural attractions, this country is a sight for sore eyes. From the Banyumala Twin Waterfall to the Campuhan Ridge Walk, every corner is picture-perfect in this city. Take in a breath of fresh air while hiking on mountainous trails in the perfect weather. 

Besides the exuberant beauty, Bali offers unique archaeological sites, including the magnificent Gunung Kawi Temple and the majestic GWK Cultural Park. Witness the cultural dances here and have an unforgettable experience of the culture-rich country. 

Not to mention the stunning beaches that make the country so popular. The Kelingking beach deserves a visit on your trip to Bali. The scenic views from the top of the cliff are worth the long hike. Enjoy a dip in the crystal clear blue waters and enjoy every bit of your trip. 

Sim Card Bali

Our Bali Prepaid Travel SIMs

Bali is one of the best tourist destinations, so it has many tourists visiting the country all year long. So, exploring the different destinations and attractive spots can be difficult for someone new to this wondrous land. Staying connected to the internet is what you need at all times during your trip. 

So, a prepaid travel SIM in this lush green country is what you need to help you navigate. It offers a hassle-free experience with high-speed data, so you never have to worry about a thing. 

Additionally, you also get our responsive customer support team for a seamless activation, making everything much easier for you. 

Post your pictures at every picturesque spot and keep your loved ones updated with your adventures in Bali. 

Where Can You Use Our Bali Travel SIMs?

Our prepaid travel SIMs work everywhere in Bali, making them the best choice for visitors exploring the beautiful city. 

Which Travel SIM Do We Recommend for Bali? 

We have two options for people going to Bali. The first option is the Explorer Prepaid Travel SIM which provides 12 GB of data for 365 days at $85. It works in 71 countries, making it an excellent choice for long trips. 

The second alternative is the Tourist Prepaid Travel SIM which comes with 6 GB of data for 15 days at $55. It works in 120 counties. This option is best for short trips to Bali. 

Stay connected with prepaid SIMS to your loved ones while you enjoy the exotic beaches and breathtaking views in the city. 

Take pictures at every turn in this lush-green country and bring back memories to treasure for life. Get your travel SIM now!

Our SIM cards come with a 100% money-back guarantee and include hassle-free activation. We recommend visiting Smart Traveler before you take off on your journey.

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Explorer Travel SIM Card | 71 Countries | Data-Only | 12GB | 365 Days

Explorer Travel SIM Card


  • 12GB Data
  • 365 Days
  • 71 Countries
Tourist Travel SIM Card | 120 Countries | Data-Only | 6GB for 15 Days

Tourist Travel SIM Card


  • 6GB Data
  • 15 Days
  • 120 Countries

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