Japan Travel SIM Card | 10GB | Data-Only | 30 Days

Japan Travel SIM Card

  • 10GB Data
  • 30 Days
  • Data Only
Japan Travel SIM Card | 6GB | Data-Only | 12 Days

Japan Travel SIM Card

  • 6GB Data
  • 12 Days
  • Data Only

Japan SIM Card For Aussie Tourists

Planning on visiting Japan..?

Great choice! From Tokyo's blinding streets to capsule hotels to the Hōryū-ji Pagoda, Japan is a fusion of modern and ancient architecture that dates back nearly 3,000 years. Not only that, Japan is a part of the famous Ring of Fire, which, is one of the most tectonically active places on earth. 

But don’t let that deter you, Japan’s entire infrastructure has been built to withstand the effects of earthquakes using steel beam/column grids which act as shock absorbers during seismic activity. (We promise Japan offers a lot more than vibrating foundations!)

Plus, the country is abuzz with cutting-edge technology and over 6,000 islands that can't wait to meet you! It's also one of the most populated countries in the world, ranking at number 11. 

Japan is the perfect place to experience traditions and modernity. If you're visiting for the first time, prepare to be fascinated with the glorious landmarks, from the famous Mount Fuji to the Island of Shrine.

You can also hop on a ferry ride and travel to the island of Miyajima, which has a history dating back to the 8th century! If that's not up your alley, experience the different traditions and exotic food Japan has to offer. You'll return with memories to cherish for a lifetime. 

Japan SIM Cards

Our Japan Prepaid Travel Data SIMs:

Moving around in a busy foreign country can be difficult. Even finding a suitable restaurant when you're hungry can feel daunting. But staying connected to the internet and your friends and family is crucial when you're out and about. 

So, you need a prepaid travel SIM in the land of the rising sun to stay connected with your loved ones. With a fully supported prepaid SIM, you get a hassle-free, high-data-speed experience. 

Plus, with a seamless activation, 100% money-back guarantee, and a support team that's always at your disposal, you can travel all over Japan without any worries. 

Become the source of envy for your loved ones with the ability to swiftly share those cheeky selfies to your socials.

Where Can You Use Our Japan Travel SIMs?

We offer a wide selection of travel SIM cards for people going to Japan and wanting to explore a foreign land. 

Which Japan Travel SIM Do We Recommend?

We offer three options for travellers to Japan. Our Japan prepaid travel SIM prices start at $45 and come with 6GB of data for 12 days. Next is the 6GB data-only Asia prepaid travel SIM that works in 18 countries for 15 days. Our South East Asia prepaid travel SIM offers 10GB of data for 30 days and does not include any calls. 

If you're only travelling to Japan, we recommend our Japan prepaid travel SIM. It works in all eight districts of Japan!

Stay connected to your friends and family while exploring pagodas or sleeping in a pod hotel with our travel SIM card. 

Want to send your family a cute picture or gush about the fresh sashimi? Get your travel SIM today!  We recommend you check out Smart Traveller site before you take off.

Where It Works

Japan Travel SIM Card - 6GB for 15 Days

It works anywhere in Japan!

Asia Travel SIM Card - 4GB for 12 Days

Japan, Armenia, Brunei, China, Vietnam, Cambodia, Fiji, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia (Bali) , Laos, Macau, Malaysia, Myanmar, Nepal, Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, Sri Lanka, Taiwan

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