New Zealand

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Details What's included? 40GB at 4G LTE data speeds Unlimited data at 1mbps after...

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Details What's included? 10GB of data 4G LTE data speed Hotspot/tethering enabled Unlimited texts...
$49.00 $47.00

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Details What's included? 2.5GB of data 4G LTE data speed Hotspot/tethering enabled Unlimited texts...

More and more Aussie travellers are taking advantage of the cost savings and convenience of a prepaid SIM when they visit New Zealand. Instead of paying high roaming rates or having to figure out where you can find a local SIM provider after you arrive, with your own NZ SIM Card, you can activate as soon as you reach New Zealand and travel connected throughout the North and South Island.

Features of Your NZ Prepaid SIM

With your New Zealand travel SIM, your mobile will be connected to the 4G 2degrees network, giving you fast connection speeds from Auckland to Invercargill. Whether you need to call an Uber, navigate to your hotel, or send pictures of your stunning sunrise hike to friends and family, you can count on your NZ SIM Card to keep you connected.

Take advantage of 2.5GB or 10GB of data plus unlimited texts to NZ and Aussie numbers and unlimited calls to other numbers in the 2degrees network. We make it easy to talk to your connections while you’re abroad with 200 minutes of calls to any NZ or Aussie number as well.

And the best part is, you don’t have to worry about roaming charges or overpaying. SimsDirect prepaid SIM Cards offer a great value, zero surprises, and zero risk with a 100% money back guarantee.

Order your NZ SIM today and travel connected in New Zealand.


Can I buy a NZ SIM card in Australia?

Yes you can! We recommend buying before you fly, so everything is sorted ahead of time. This means you can just pop your local SIM in when you land in New Zealand and be good to go! It’s the easy and stress-free option, and means you don’t need to waste precious holiday time trying to find a local SIM shop once you arrive. 

The best way to buy a NZ SIM card in Australia is online. It will be shipped to your home address via regular mail - just make sure you choose the appropriate shipping method so it arrives in time! We do offer a few options via our website, so feel free to scope out what works best for you.

How does a NZ SIM card work?

We actually import local New Zealand prepaid SIM cards and make them available to you here in Australia before you travel! They’re the same products you would find in-country and they run off the local NZ Telco networks, so they are New Zealand specific. We make sure we source our products from the biggest and best Telcos available to get you guys the best deals possible.

These SIMs work just like your Aussie SIMs work at home! They’ll automatically connect to local networks in the country. You just need to make sure your phone is unlocked so you can use them properly.