Asia Travel SIM Card | 6GB | Data-Only | 15 Days

Asia Travel SIM Card

  • 6GB
  • 15 Days
  • 20 countries

China SIM Card

Getting Ready for Your Next Trip to China?

China is a paradigm for exotic and mysterious lands, making it a great choice for travelers to visit the country. From the mysterious Forbidden City to the Summer Palace, this land plays host to emperor traditions and the deep-rooted culture of the land. It’s also home to one of the wonders of the world, the Great Wall of China.

Also known as the factory of the world, it is one the largest producer of everyday goods you use. But don’t let that get to you; this stunning land offers the longest history of civilization with epic festivals and the fastest bullet train in the world. 

The country is also one of the superpower countries with the strongest economy in the world. It is also the fourth largest country in the world. With a booming economy, inspiring buildings, and the oldest history of civilization, this country has it all. 

Apart from the beautiful landscapes and kung fu history, the food here is great. Chinese cuisine is among the best cuisines in the world. So, you’ll have to master your use of chopsticks. 

Explore the palaces that date back to the Qing dynasty or take a trip around the bustling city of Beijing. You’ll find yourself to be fascinated by everything you see here and bring back memories to cherish forever. 

Sim Card China

Our China Prepaid Travel SIMs

A populated city that offers so much can overwhelm you. A tour guide will only stay with you for a limited time and help you explore limited places. It is best to be able to roam free on your own and stay connected to your loved ones back home. 

So, that is where our prepaid travel SIM cards come in. Automatically activate the SIM as soon as you land in China and enjoy a hassle-free and high data-speed experience. 

Plus, you get a seamless experience and a responsive support team, so you can travel through all the Chines tourist attractions without any worries. Also, get a money-back guarantee if you feel like any service is out of step. 

Update your friends and family on your trip through your social all the time using a seamless data connection. 

Where Can You Use Our China travel SIMs?

We offer a variety of SIM card options to people traveling to China and exploring the city’s features like Hong Kong

Which China Travel SIM Do We Recommend? 

Travelers looking for an excellent SIM card to accompany them on their trip to China have two options. You can either use our Explorer Prepaid Travel SIM that comes with 12 GB of data and works for 365 days in 71 countries. It is priced at $85. 

Our SIM cards come with a 100% money-back guarantee and include hassle-free activation, so you’ll be connected as soon as you land. No more waiting in painfully long airport lines or scouring the streets looking for a SIM card.

The second option is the Tourist Prepaid Travel SIM which comes at a low price of $55 and provides 6 GB of data for 15 days. 

If you’re going for a short trip, then we recommend the Tourist Prepaid Travel SIM. 

Take tons of photos on the colossal Great Wall of China and upload them as you go. So, get your travel SIM today!

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Explorer Travel SIM Card | 71 Countries | Data-Only | 12GB | 365 Days

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