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Akacia H.

Simple and convenient

I can’t stress how easy to use this was! I got off the plane in Greece, popped in my sim, no details to enter or setup process, and was connected. I have been spamming family and friends on Instagram and using lots of google maps.

Debbie D.

A must have on holiday

This SIM worked as advertised. We travelled Italy, France & Spain for a month & found it invaluable for getting around. So handy having internet on the road & not having to rely on finding Wifi. Would definitely purchase again for next trip.

Debra M.

Best choice ever made

Purchasing my SIM card with SimsDirect was the best decision I made. I would thoroughly recommend using SimsDirect for overseas travel SIM cards as it has been the easiest and cheapest way to stay in contact.

Eliza B.

A SIM to keep us connected on our travels

The experience using this SIM was great! It kept me connected in every country I travelled to around Europe, allowed me to browse the web, use Google Maps and Social Media just as I would at home. Great experience and highly recommend!

Colleen H.

SIM was a great idea

We hired a car for 4 weeks and the main use was to use Google Maps and it was great. Knowing it was prepaid, there was no fear of roaming charges to we Googled information we needed. Making touring a breeze!

Mitchell P.

Saved us so many times!

My partner and I used a SIM each for the 4 weeks we were away. We used to look for Wifi everywhere we traveled - never again! SimsDirect all the way moving forward. Nothing better then peace of mind in a foreign country. Thanks team!

Bradley S.

Great value, easy to use SIMs

Recently purchased 4 SIMs to use over a 6 week trip with my wife. They worked flawlessly. I'd highly recommend using them. I saved around $350 in roaming with Telstra. Never got anywhere near using all the data included.

Bethany E.

Fantastic experience

I did my research, SimsDirect are by far the best value and service. Once I got on the plane, I inserted the new SIM card and when I got off the plane it was good to go, Calls and Data, just like at home. It could not be easier.

Wayne S.

Perfect card for my trip

I mainly used it for data so I wouldn’t have to log into free wifi with all the password hassles that go with it. It was fast and trouble free and I wouldn’t hesitate getting the same one again. Recommended 10/10

Jennie S.

So happy we had a SIM

The sim was easy to insert and worked throughout our trip to Japan. We were able to keep in contact with our kids in Australia and up-to-date with our social media accounts. Made travelling so much easier.

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