An Ode to Hakone: A Travel Maestro’s Guide to Japan's Hidden Gem

Tucked away in the scenic glory of the Kanagawa Prefecture, and nestled in the protective cradle of mountains is Hakone, Japan's diamond in the rough. If you've grown weary of Tokyo's electrifying pulse or Kyoto's noble austerity, Hakone offers a refreshing counterpoint – a languidly unspooling reel of idyllic landscapes and bewitching attractions, truly a Shire from the Tolkien universe transplanted into our mundane reality.

Journey to Hakone

Hakone, though seemingly a world of its own, is conveniently accessible from Japan's major cities, forming the perfect getaway for the weary urbanite. Picture Frodo Baggins bidding goodbye to the Shire – only your Mordor is Tokyo, and Mount Fuji replaces Mount Doom, and there's no ring. We're digressing. A comfortable 85-minute ride on the Odakyu Romancecar, or the shinier, sleeker Shinkansen from Tokyo can whisk you to this Eden, without any Orcs in sight. If you're journeying from Osaka or Kyoto, the Shinkansen remains your trusty steed.

The Essential Hakone Travel Sim Card

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Top Things to Do in Hakone

Stepping into Hakone is akin to flipping through the fantastical pages of a Miyazaki film, where nature's grandeur is matched only by the rich tapestry of culture and history. Let's take a magical journey and discover what Hakone holds for us, shall we?

Experience Hakone's Natural Beauty

Exploring Lake Ashinoko (Ashi)

If there's a Hogwarts equivalent in Japan, it's perched by Lake Ashinoko. Shrouded in mist and punctuated by the verdant peaks of Mount Hakone, this crater lake offers a serene respite from city life. Hop onto a sightseeing cruise, preferably on one of the delightfully eccentric pirate ships - a nautical adventure minus the Pirates of the Caribbean theme tune. Be prepared for the dramatic revelation of Mount Fuji on clear days - a visual treat that might make you hum the 'Circle of Life'.

A Visit to Owakudani

A stone’s throw from Lake Ashinoko is Owakudani - the 'Great Boiling Valley' - a volcanic valley with active sulphur vents and hot springs. Apart from feeling like stepping onto the set of Dante's Peak, the valley offers an unexpected treat: Kuro-tamago, black-shelled eggs boiled in the hot springs, promising longevity with every bite. While there's no scientific proof that these eggs add seven years to your lifespan as local legends suggest, at the very least, you'll have an intriguing snack and an even better story!

Hakone Shrine Visit

Much like the Secret Garden, the Hakone Shrine is a spiritual sanctuary hidden in plain sight. Tucked away in dense forest, this Shinto shrine presents an ethereal sight, especially the iconic red torii gate that seems to float on Lake Ashi. On quiet evenings, as you approach the shrine, you might almost hear whispers of Hayao Miyazaki's 'Spirited Away' soundtrack in the rustle of leaves.

Dipping in Hakone's Famous Hot Springs

Unwinding in Hakone's onsens (hot springs) is as quintessentially Japanese as enjoying a 'cuppa' is British. Picture yourself in a bubbling hot tub with a stunning view of the mountains, soaking away the fatigue of the day. It's like stepping into a live-action version of the bathhouse from 'Spirited Away', sans any mischievous spirits, of course. Just remember, like in any good story, every onsen has its rules, so make sure to brush up on your onsen etiquette.

Discover Hakone's Rich Culture and History

Don't let Hakone's natural beauty overshadow its rich cultural tapestry. Think of it as an enthralling subplot in the Game of Thrones saga, equally captivating, if not more.

Hakone Open-Air Museum

Step into the Hakone Open-Air Museum and be ready to question reality, as you would in a Matrix re-watch. Home to over a thousand works of art sprawled across verdant landscapes and indoor galleries, this museum merges nature and art in a symbiotic union that’s sure to have you reaching for your camera. Don’t miss the Picasso Exhibition Hall, it's akin to finding a Van Gogh in Howl’s Moving Castle.

Historic Checkpoints of Hakone

Imagine time-traveling back to Japan's Edo period, sans any Tardis or Doctor Who. That’s precisely the charm of Hakone's historic checkpoints. These crucial points along the Tokaido route, the 'highway' of its time, controlled traffic between Tokyo and Kyoto. Visit Hakone Sekisho (checkpoint) to get a glimpse of this slice of history, complete with samurai uniforms and the ancient version of a customs office.

Hakone's Craftwork and Wood Marquetry

The finesse of Hakone's craftsmanship deserves a standing ovation, much like Meryl Streep at the Oscars. Witness this excellence in Yosegi-Zaiku, a traditional form of wood marquetry native to the region. Intricate patterns, dizzying detail, and the warmth of handmade crafts - a visit to one of the local workshops is akin to falling down a wonderfully artistic rabbit hole, à la Alice in Wonderland.

Savouring Hakone's Local Cuisine

Hakone's culinary landscape is as enticing as its natural one - an assortment of flavors to tantalize your palate. Much like a feast at Hogwarts, the food here can seem magical.

Hakone Tofu

Simple, yet profoundly satisfying, Hakone Tofu is a testament to Japanese culinary wisdom. Steamed over volcanic stones from the region, it's a gastronomic experience that you won't find anywhere else. A bit like tasting Butterbeer for the first time, wouldn’t you say?


Remember those mysterious black eggs from Owakudani? Here they come again. These eggs, boiled in volcanic hot springs, are as distinctive in flavor as they are in appearance. While eating them won't turn you into Maleficent, they will give you a taste of Hakone's unique charm.

Soba Noodles

Slurping on a bowl of soba noodles is like settling down to watch your favorite episode of Friends - comforting and familiar. Made from buckwheat, these noodles are a staple in Hakone. Whether in a hot soup or served cold with a dipping sauce, soba noodles are to Hakone what Central Perk's coffee is to Friends.

Best Time to Visit Hakone

Hakone, like the setting of a meticulously directed Wes Anderson film, displays a distinctive charm every season, enchanting visitors with its ever-changing beauty.

The cherry blossoms unfurling in spring cast a dreamy pink hue on Hakone, making it feel like you've walked into a real-life anime sequence. Summer, despite being a bit humid, is enlivened by the Fuji-Hakone-Izu National Park flaunting a vibrant green much like the lush landscapes in Avatar. Autumn imbues the town with warm hues of red, orange, and gold, as if Mother Nature herself wielded a paintbrush, while winter dresses Hakone in a pristine blanket of white, akin to Narnia under the White Witch's spell.

As for tourist density, try to avoid the 'Golden Week' in late April to early May when Japan is on holiday en masse. You don't want to feel like you're queuing up for a newly released Marvel movie, do you?

Tips for Travelling in Hakone

Important Tips for Travelling in Hakone

As they say, with great travel, comes great responsibility. Or is it power? Nevermind, the point is, a little caution goes a long way in ensuring your Hakone adventure goes smoothly.

  1. Hakone Free Pass: This pass is the 'Infinity Gauntlet' for a Hakone traveller. It offers unlimited rides on the designated transport networks in and around Hakone, free or discounted entrance to attractions, and even special perks in affiliated facilities.

  2. Comfortable Shoes: Like Samwise Gamgee in Lord of the Rings, your trusty shoes will be your unwavering companion through steep mountain trails and leisurely museum tours.

  3. Weather Prep: With Hakone's weather as unpredictable as the plot twists in 'Lost', it's wise to carry essentials like an umbrella, sunscreen, or a hat.

  4. Staying Connected: Ensure your SimsDirect Sim Card is active and handy. After all, navigating Hakone without Google Maps can turn into a wild goose chase like in 'Catch Me If You Can'.

In the realm of travel destinations, Hakone is like the unsung hero of a Marvel ensemble - unassuming yet incredibly compelling. Its fusion of traditional Japanese culture, delectable local cuisine, natural beauty, and historical richness promises an immersive experience that resonates deeply, leaving you with memories as vivid as a Studio Ghibli masterpiece. As you journey through Hakone, with SimsDirect keeping you connected, you're not merely an observer but an active participant in an unforgettable adventure.

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Before you take off make sure to check with local government of the travel status.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: What is the best way to travel around Hakone?

A: Hakone, like the Marvel Cinematic Universe, is extensive and best explored at leisure. The Hakone Free Pass is your ticket to unhindered exploration, providing unlimited access to most local transport. Just remember, unlike Doctor Strange, you can't teleport.

Q: How to use a SimsDirect sim card in Hakone?

A: Using a SimsDirect Sim Card in Hakone is as easy as using a lightsaber in Star Wars. Just insert the sim card into your device, and you're ready to start your adventure.

Q: What are the must-try foods in Hakone?

A: Hakone's culinary scene is as diverse as the cast of 'Friends'. Hakone tofu, Kuro-tamago, and Soba noodles top the must-try list. It's like savoring dishes at Central Perk, only with a Japanese twist.

Q: How to get to Hakone from Tokyo, Osaka, and Kyoto?

A: Reaching Hakone is as straightforward as following a Harry Potter Marauder's Map. Direct trains are available from Tokyo, while transfers might be needed from Osaka and Kyoto. Detailed routes can be found Japan Guide.

Q: Is Hakone worth visiting?

A: Absolutely! Visiting Hakone is like attending a live concert of the Beatles - a timeless and enriching experience. From hot springs to historical attractions, Hakone packs a punch that makes it a must-visit destination in Japan.

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