Check out our best-selling Travel SIM Card for Europe

Check out our Europe Travel SIM Card

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5 tips for travelling connected in Europe

  • 1. Know what you need data for

    Travellers are needing data more than ever! Whether you need to use Google Maps, check your email or contact friends and family, knowing what you want for your travels is essential to making the right decision.

  • 2. Ditch data roaming

    Don’t get stung by data roaming! Roaming fees add up quickly and can leave you with a nasty bill. Prepaid options are the best for keeping your telco costs down.

  • 3. Don’t overpay for data

    Travellers are needing more and more data for their travels overseas, so finding affordable rates can go a long way. You should not be paying more than $5 per GB of data.

  • 4. Coverage for all your travel needs

    Europe is a big place! Having strong coverage wherever you go can make life much easier. Prepaid SIM cards that operate on local networks (not global) are far superior in reliability and country-wide coverage.

  • 5. Organise yourself before you fly

    Hit the ground running. You’re going to be jet lagged so having your SIM card organised before you fly can save you a big hassle when you land.

Are there people travelling connected in Europe, conveniently & affordably?

Yes! The whole reason SimsDirect was created is to help people travel connected overseas.

Travellers now have a way to stay connected in Europe, completely fuss-free, so they can focus on enjoying their travel experience.

You should be able to land overseas and stay connected with data, calls and texts just like you do at home… without it costing an arm and a leg!

We opened our online store in 2018, and in just 1 year we helped over 20,000 travellers stay connected around the world.

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Our bestselling Europe SIM card

"The SimsDirect Europe SIM was completely fuss-free and saved me heaps on my roaming costs"
- Amanda G.

Our best-selling Europe Travel SIM card is designed for overseas travellers to help you save time and stress by connecting you easily as soon as you touch down.

No need to worry about looking for free wifi connections or being cautious about your usage with 12GB of high-speed data and unlimited local calls & texts that works across all of Europe.

It is available online at SimsDirect Australia for $49 AUD and comes with free shipping and a 100% money back guarantee.