Europe & UK (71 Countries) 12GB Travel SIM Card

Europe & UK (71 Countries) 12GB Travel SIM Card

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Going overseas?


Stay connected every step of the way!




Europe Prepaid Travel SIM

What it comes with

  • 12GB Data
  • 4G LTE/ 3G Speed
  • 3000 free calls to European numbers
  • 3000 free texts to European numbers
  • 30 days
  • For use in 71 countries
  • Hotspot/Tethering enabled
  • Only works in Mobile phones
  • Click here for our 'Data-only' SIM for other devices
  • Awesome Coverage on the ThreeUK Network
  • Plug-n-Play activation, No registration needed
  • Fits all phones (SIM Size: Nano, Micro and Standard)
  • No shelf life (Can be held unactivated as long as you need)
  • Mobile number printed on the packaging
  • International calls not available (see FAQ for workaround)


Which countries does it work in? (click me)
 Europe More Europe Other South America
England  Hungary Australia Brazil
Ireland Iceland Hong Kong Chile
Northern Ireland Isle of Man Indonesia Colombia
Wales Italy Israel Costa Rica
Scotland Jersey Macau El Salvador
Aland Islands Latvia Madeira French West Indies
Austria Liechtenstein New Zealand French Guiana
Azores Lithuania Reunion Guadeloupe
Balearic Islands Luxembourg Saint Barthelemy Guatemala
Belgium Malta Saint Martin Nicaragua
Bulgaria Martinique Singapore Panama
Canary Islands Netherlands Sri Lanka Peru
Croatia Norway United States Puerto Rico
Cyprus Poland US Virgin Islands Uruguay
The Czech Republic Portugal Vietnam
Denmark Romania
Estonia San Marino
Finland Slovakia
France Slovenia
Gibraltar Spain
Germany Sweden
Greece Switzerland
Guernsey Vatican City


Connect conveniently. Imagine not having to worry about finding a local SIM, waiting in line and registering your ID. This SIM is built to connect you quickly with plug-n-play features. You will be able to connect easily, contact friends and family and book an Uber as soon as you touch down.

Fast connection. You will be directly connected to the 4G ThreeUK network that spreads across 71 countries. You will be able to navigate worldwide with google maps, upload pictures to your jealous friends and family on social media and communicate seamlessly with data, calls and texts.

Be smart with your money. Don't stress about unexpected roaming bills or making the wrong purchase when you land. Get EXACTLY what you pay for with a prepaid travel SIM. Because you are connected like a local, you pay like a local. Saving you money so you can spend it on what truly matters, your travel experience! And food…

Your purchase comes with our service :) We will be with you every step of the way. You can reach out to us anytime on Facebook or Whatsapp for assistance. Any issues, just leave the hassle with us.

We have a 100% Money Back Guarantee on all SIM Cards. You won’t have to fear wasting money, we won’t take a dollar from you unless you get connected.

With communication comes security. We are an SSL secured website which means all your personal and financial information is protected. We also follow best practices for your data management and GDPR compliances.

We are 100% Australian owned and operated. You are investing your money with an Australian small business which means Aussie dollars and Aussie support!


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FREE Express shipping on orders over $100

We ship to offices and P.O boxes, however, it is recommended to ship to a residential letterbox as orders are sent in a thin letter.

Dispatch Times: 

We dispatch priority orders at 4 PM Mon, Wed, Thursday.

We dispatch express orders at 4 PM every day.

 Shipping is calculated in business days (Monday-Friday).

Shipping Method NSW VIC  QLD SA TAS WA
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How do I activate?


Step 1. Land at your destination (must be one of 71 countries listed)

Step 2. Insert SIM card

Step 3. Turn on ‘Data Roaming’ in your mobile/network settings.

Step 4. Restart your device

You should connect within 5 minutes. You will receive a welcome text when you are connected.


What if I need help?


These SIMs have a high success rate with connecting immediately. However, there is always the possibility of technical issues.

If you land and you are having issues getting connected to the internet. We will have to troubleshoot to find the issue.

Step 1. Ensure you have followed all activation steps and restarted your mobile device. It can sometimes take up to 2 hours to activate on rare occasions.

Step 2. *You will need to find an internet connection. Most international airports and hotels have free wifi available.

Step 3. Reach out to SimsDirect for help.

Message us on Facebook Messenger (recommended) with the following information:

  • Your phone model (ie. iPhone 8, Samsung s9)
  • A photo of the back of the SIM numbers on the back of the SIM cutout
  • A screenshot of your ‘mobile/network settings’
  • Details about your issue

* You can also email us at

* We may be asleep in Australia, we are active on Messenger from 7 AM - 9 PM AEST.


You can go to and speak to a live chat agent to resolve your issue (24/7).



How do I make international calls?


This SIM does not come with international calls. Only calls to UK & European numbers are included in the 3000 minutes/texts. However, you can receive international calls for free.

We highly recommend using data applications as a smart alternative. This may be confusing at first but is definitely the most cost-effective way to travel connected as you are avoiding expensive international call rates.

If you are wanting to call internationally:

We recommend using Skype. You can purchase credit and use it to make international calls to any number in the world at very affordable rates that are much cheaper than international call rates. $10 will get you roughly 250 minutes worth of international calls. 

It's just like using your mobile but it uses internet data to make the call. Very handy! Works for landlines and mobile numbers.

If you are wanting to call and message mobile numbers internationally for free.

We recommend using any of the following free apps.


Facebook Messenger

Google Hangouts



All of these apps are handy to use while travelling. However, you will need to have your friends and family saved as contacts. It is good to add contacts on these apps before you fly.

If you wish to have standard international calls:

You can purchase additional credit with and use the additional credit for international calls. * This is not an efficient way of calling internationally. As international calls will cost you on average 1.40 pound/minute.

This is only advised if you wish to have an emergency backup to call friends/family from home. 


How do I check my balance?


You may check your balance by going to your 'My3' account and using your mobile number to check your data, calls and text usage.

 Step 1. Go to If you have not registered

Step 2. Enter your Three Uk mobile number and you will receive a text shortly afterwards with a password to log in.

Step 3. Log in to your 'My3' account

Step 4. Find ‘Check Account Balance’


How do I top-up and recharge?


This SIM is not rechargeable as it is preloaded with a bundle that expires after 30 days.

If you need more data or a longer duration you will need to purchase multiple SIM cards and swap them out as you go.

If you need more than 1 SIM you can take advantage of our 'Multi-pack' discount. The more SIMs you need the more you save!

The SIMs are disposable and don't hold any personal information on them.

Please note that you will have a new UK number for every new SIM you use.



How do I find my mobile number?


The phone number provided is a UK number (+44). It is printed on the back of the SIM card so you can give to anyone you need before you fly.

You can find your mobile number when the SIM is inserted by going to your contacts and looking up the top of your contacts for ‘My Number’.


Is 12GB enough data for me?


You can use the chart below to get an idea of how much usage you should expect to get on average.

Usage Type

Data per hour

What you get (12GB)

Web Browsing

50 mb/h

240 hours

Google Maps

5 mb/h

2400 hours


10 mb/h

1200 hours

Data Messaging

10 mb/h

1200 hours

Data Calls

100 mb/h

120 hours


100 mb/h

120 hours


100 mb/h

120 hours


160 mb/h

75 hours


150 mb/h

80 hours


300 mb/h

40 hours

Mobile Games

10 mb/h

1200 hours


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Max K.

This SIM is recommended

Sim worked great. I started it in Barcelona and it auto activated within about two minutes. It worked outside Barcelona also. Then moved to Lyon and various way out of the way places around central-southern France. It worked everywhere usually 4g and the data speeds were normally pretty high most areas, being able to use data was very helpful for maps, searches etc. Sim used with Nokia 7+ phone. Highly recommended.

Max K. verified customer review of UK & Europe (71 Countries) 12GB Travel SIM Card


Thanks for the awesome review Max, glad to hear you had a good experience with the Europe SIM! <3

Troy H.

A great way to travel.

I am very happy with my European SIM. It took a while to get started when I first arrived in Spain but from then on (a few weeks in 5 different countries) it was an absolute breeze. Plenty of data and good speeds were experienced throughout. It completely took the hassle out of travelling with a phone!

Troy H. verified customer review of UK & Europe (71 Countries) 12GB Travel SIM Card


AMAZING photo! Going to have to feature that one on Instagram for sure. Thanks for the upload Troy.

David C.

UK & Europe (71 Countries) 12GB Travel SIM Card

Marvelous! Provided text and data facilities wherever we travelled, including Norway, Netherlands, Ireland, Iceland and even Dubai. In each new location, the SIM had first to 'receive' initial handshake over WiFi , and then it was connected to the local mobile network. UK3 provider continually sent updates for each country which can be ignored by non-plan users. Very satisfied, thank you!

David C. verified customer review of UK & Europe (71 Countries) 12GB Travel SIM CardDavid C. verified customer review of UK & Europe (71 Countries) 12GB Travel SIM CardDavid C. verified customer review of UK & Europe (71 Countries) 12GB Travel SIM Card
Bobbi S.

Great Product!

This product was great for my european trip. The data was more than enough for 5 weeks. I highly recommend it.

Bobbi S. verified customer review of UK & Europe (71 Countries) 12GB Travel SIM Card
Naim S.

EXCELLENT !!!!! UK & Europe (71 Countries) 12GB Travel SIM Card

The service provided was excellent and the sim card worked without any issues and to be honest, I wouldn't go without one of these sims cards next year as we used it all the time whether it was to find accommodation, or waiting for planes, or just even to check on restaurants! Adding to this, it saved us money! Id recommend direct sims to everyone!